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Our rich heritage obligates us

Kádár Hungary is the modern steward for the thousand-year heritage of cooperage in Northern Hungary. After a quarter century of renewal and reintroduction, our barrels are employed in over three hundred wineries in every major wine region of the globe.

This rich heritage obligates us. Our respect for the resource and health of the forest mandates that we purchase trees harvested only in the most sustainable manner. Further, we have improved and expanded the natural setting of our seasoning yard and bordering forest and we heat our facilities with renewable energy.

Kádár Hungary employs 50 coopers and millers and we strive to maintain a healthy and safe working environment where our craftsman can improve their knowledge and skills. A sign of our success is that the average experience of the coopers at Kádár is greater than 20 years.

Kádár’s promise to winemakers is to deliver to their cellars only the highest quality barrels, strictly sourced, thoroughly seasoned and consistently toasted so that they may make the best wine possible in our vessels with confidence.