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Toasting that respects the wine while enhancing aromatic and fruit character


Toasting substantially transforms wood compounds. A cooper can employ varied temperature, time and other techniques to create different physical and organoleptic effects in oak. The driving philosophy for all of Kadar’s toasting protocols is to respect the wine and to reveal and enhance fruit characters. Kádár Hungary offers:

  • Light toast providing fresh clean wood character
  • Light-Medium toast for mainly whites providing structure and freshness with the most moderate barrel impact for short aged wines
  • Medium toast with complexity and a touch of brown spices
  • FMedium toast providing great structure with good oak-wine balance
  • Medium + toast for concentrated wines able to balance the barrel while providing the most aromas toasting can achieve
  • FMedium + toast with great structure and volume
  • Heavy toast for volume and body
  • Toasted heads for volume and smoother mid palate