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One of the youngest volcanic mountain ranges in Europe

Winemakers understand the critical importance of terroir for wine. Coopers and oak researchers also understand how great differences can be between forest regions even within the same country. For this reason, Kádár Hungary sources oak only one particular forest terroir, one with very unique and specific conditions for oak. On the northern edge of the Danubian Basin lie the Inner Northern Carpathian Mountains, one of the youngest volcanic mountain range in Europe. The majority of our oak grows in the North Hungarian Range particularly in the Tokaj region. Composed of 1,500 extinct volcanoes ranging to 2,500', the Tokaj Eperjesi Mountains are steep, rocky and cold. The continental climate of cold winters and dry summers combines with the steep slopes and the thin rocky soils of the young volcanic mountain range to produce Quercus Petraea oak that grows some 30% slower and denser than in other European oak forests.