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Homogenous Quercus Petraea stands

As a result of the harsh growing conditions of the North Hungarian Range, the oak forests are composed almost exclusively of sessile oak or Quercus Petraea, literally translated as Oak of the Rocks. Tight grained Quercus Petraea has a high aromatic concentration matched with low tannic content resulting in wines of complex aromas, enhanced fruit character with tension and brightness. Quercus Petraea is one of the two species of European oaks used for barrel production and usually grows together with Quercus Robur creating mixed forests with high rate of cross-bred trees. Such homogenous stands are very rare. For example, the only other forest in Europe with such a high percentage of Quercus Petraea is the highly valued Tronçais forest in central France where sessile oak comprises 80% of the forest.