News - Kádár Hungary has outgrown its stave maturing space

This is, in part, good news, because it means that the demand for our products is growing steadily, although it does give us new tasks as well, since the newly created stave maturing space must provide the same or, possibly, even better conditions than the current one.

Precise assessment of maturing conditions is important so that maturing remains unchanged in order to maintain perfect consistency. This does not only imply a precise knowledge of the microclimate, data of which is provided by our own measuring station, but also knowledge of the composition and change over time of the microflora on the staves. Its precise mapping was completed at the end of the last year. As is the case with every complex research, the details revealed by the outcomes are, in certain respects, interesting and encourage us to do further inspections; they also confirmed on the whole, however, that our current maturing practice was correct, and explained some of the phenomena seen during the Kádár maturing process.

The proliferation of fungi (mainly Aureobasidium pullulans or Cladosporium sp.), which plays a primary role in the enzymatic transformation, combined with the uniqueness of the terroir and gentle roasting, might explain why the typical oaky effect is so moderate in our barrels.